TUANA SALON: 970.472.0522
TUANA ACADEMY: 970.472.2004

Why Tuana Academy?

  1. At Tuana Academy, you will have Advanced Classes offered by salon professionals and European techniques offered by Kazim.
  2. At Tuana Academy, our students are given one-on-one guidance in a small class environment and receive the personal attention needed for success.
  3. At Tuana Academy, we offer interactive, hands-on, fun and enjoyable teaching methods.
  4. At Tuana Academy, we provide you a progressive curriculum and instructional plan, structured to provide continual individualized supervision and assistance during the complete length of student training.
  5. At Tuana Academy, you can choose between Full Time or Part Time programs.
  6. At Tuana Academy, we teach you business and marketing skills. You will learn the skills you need to be successful.
  7. At Tuana Academy, we offer payment plans for students who are ineligible for federal funding or who have elected not to apply for it.
  8. At Tuana Academy, our programs prepare you by including a “mock” board test that simulates the state license exam to best prepare our students for success.
  9. At Tuana Academy, you can build your interpersonal and marketing skills by taking part in our special events. Tuana Academy supports numerous charities, fashion events and photo shoots.
  10. At Tuana Academy, you can build life long relationships with artists just like yourself.